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TIPP FM's Meet The Candidates Interview with Sandra Farrell. 

About Sandra

Who is Sandra Farrell?

UCC Graduation: Sandra Farrell, Fianna Fáil general election candidate, with husband Sean Crowley,

  • I have been a nurse, businesswoman, volunteer and community activist for 20 years - establishing a food bank and Christmas Day Dinners service in Nenagh; volunteering with early school leavers; and advocating for better mental health services across Tipperary. I hold a Masters in Politics from UCC. Born in 1981, I am a former Mayor of Nenagh and a founding member of the Nenagh Hospital Action Group, and the Mid-West Hospital Campaign. I am also a former Tipperary Businesswoman of the Year. I am married to Sean Crowley, above, who many people will know in Tipperary through his work with the LEADER programme. Together we operate a nursing home in Roscrea. As the only female candidate in North Tipperary,  I offer solutions not soundbites. I stand for: A Better Way For Tipperary. A better way on housing, health, mental health, childcare, caring for the elderly, the cost of living, law and order and jobs. So please Vote Sandra Farrell, No.1 for a NEW VOICE IN THE NEW DÁIL.

Key Policies

Helping families with elderly parents


  • To me, they are the forgotten families - working couples with elderly parents and growing children. They are under enormous financial and emotional strain. I would increase the Fair Deal and Home Care budgets to free up 700 hospital beds occupied due to delayed discharge of elderly patients, and transfer those patients to home care or to the 2,000 currently vacant places in Irish nursing homes. I would also allow families to rent out an elderly parent's home, when the elderly person has gone into care - WITHOUT AFFECTING YOUR ENTITLEMENTS UNDER THE FAIR DEAL SCHEME. Families with elderly parents and growing children need a tax break to help them survive what is one of the most challenging periods in their lives.



  • As a founding member of the Mid West Hospital Campaign group, I have been engaged in a political campaign for the reopening of 24 hour emergency services at Nenagh Hospital. To tackle the health crisis and improve healthcare for the elderly, we need to fill the 540 consultant vacancies. There are 26 hospitals with 24-hour adult emergency departments, but eight do not have 24-hour cover from consultants in emergency medicine. Why do one third of our emergency departments not have 24-hour cover with ED consultants? Because Fine Gael cut consultants pay in 2012. We need to restore consultants pay and fill these vacant posts. Read my solutions not soundbites for the health service by clicking the button below.
  • Fianna Fáil will hire 1,000 consultants and 4,000 nurses



  • Fianna Fáil have backed my original policy proposal for a ME Time programme in our primary and secondary schools. We have PE - physical education - classes. Now we need ME - mental education - classes. There are limited positive mental health programmes in our schools, but we need a comprehensive programme that equips our children with the tools to withstand the dangers of social media and reality tv. Today's teenagers have never been more susceptible to eating disorders and poor self-esteem; we need to do more to help them and stem the growing number of suicides.  As someone who personally overcame an eating disorder in my  teens, I believe I can bring my personal experience and empathy to bear on what is a hidden epidemic among Irish teenagers, especially among teenage girls. Political action will bring much needed change and help the next generation cope with the stress of modern life.



  • Fianna Fáil will give a €2,000 tax credit per child to help hard pressed families meet rising childcare costs. We need extra creche spaces, and a detailed investment programme so childcare costs - already among the highest in Europe  - don’t spiral out of control. Creches are facing major obstacles to meet new Tusla regulations, and in many cases have seen twofold increases in their annual premiums. It’s high time to tackle the insurance companies who are making massive profits, but gouging Irish consumers and business owners
  • Fianna Fáil will give parents a €2,000 tax credit per child with a registered childminder
  • Fianna Fáil will quadruple the creche owner subsidy to €80 per week



  • Fund Tipperary County Council to build social and affordable housing on its land banks, with working couples entitled to earn up to €75,000 per annum and still qualify for a €50,000 discount to market. Classify all of Tipperary as a Rent Pressure Zone. 
  • SSIA-style Housing scheme where Fianna Fáil will pay first time buyers one euro for every three saved, up to a maximum State contribution of €10,000. Fianna Fáil will also expand the Help To Buy scheme, so including the SSIA contribution, first time buyers can get up to €35,000 in State supports for their first home.
  • We will build 50, 000 social homes and 50,000 affordable homes.
  • We will give renters a €600 tax credit


A Better Way For Tipperary

I offer solutions not soundbites, practical measures for delivering a Better Way For Tipperary on the major issues affecting the constituency: health, housing, your family's mental health, caring for the elderly, farming, rural crime, broadband, and jobs. Vote for the only female candidate in North Tipperary.

Elect the only female candidate in North Tipperary

The Platform

Serving The Community

Tipperary is the only constituency in the country where all the TDs are male. As a businesswoman, nurse, community and political activist, charity worker and volunteer working for 20 years with the disadvantaged, early school leavers and the elderly, I want to deliver a Better Way For Tipperary, and add a strong voice for men and women in north and south Tipperary. On every major issue of our times - health, housing, climate change, your family's mental health, farming and protecting rural Ireland - this Fine Gael government has been an abject and historic failure. Whether it's starting the Nenagh Food Bank, being a founding member of the Mid-West Hospital Campaign, creating jobs as an employer, or being voted North Tipperary Businesswoman of the Year, I find solutions, follow a plan, and make change happen. Trust me to find a Better Way For Tipperary and I will not let you down.


There's a famous political rule - it's the economy, stupid. But it's not about just the economy, is it? It doesn't matter if we have a strong economy if we can't provide the basic public services that make a society. We have 10,000 homeless, including more than 3,500 children. We have a generation of young couples who may never own their own home. We have elderly people languishing on hospital trolleys, almost one million people waiting for hospital appointments, and a chronic shortage of GPs. We have exorbitant rents and appalling public services when it comes to transport and broadband - both of which mean, more people need to commute long distances in their cars. We have a government that refuses to accept the need for political action on climate change. It's not just the economy, stupid. It's society, It's how we want to live our lives, at work, and at home. It's not just the economy, stupid, it's how we create a better society and a Better Way For Tipperary.

United By A Common Goal

Tipperary used to be two constituencies and people from Tipp always identify with either north or south Tipperary. I am asking for men and women, north and south of the county, to vote for the county's interests above all else. I am from Nenagh but I will be a voice for Roscrea, a voice for Lower Ormond, a voice for Ballina and all the Lough Derg communities, for Thurles, Templemore, Tipperary town, Clonmel, Cashel and Carrick-on-Suir. Wherever you are, in north or south Tipperary, I will be your voice. Let's build a Better Way For Tipperary.

Get Involved

As the only female candidate in North Tipperary in an all-male constituency, I can only win a seat in this election with your help. If you can join the canvass, hand out flyers, or even share my political policies on housing, health and the elderly on social media, you can help me bring a new voice to a new Dáil and deliver A Better Way For Tipperary